ThreatShield 5

The ThreatShield 5 Philosophy:

  • Preventing violence is always better than responding to an act in progress.
  • The sooner we recognize a threat the better our chances.
  • We when see a potential problem, it’s better to Outsmart the bad guy and avoid the fight.
  • If we haven’t outsmarted him, let’s Outmaneuver to maintain a strategic advantage.
  • If we are forced to engage, let’s Outfight through superior skills & tactics.
  • Why do we do all these things? Because we love our people more than the bad guy hates them. We Outlove him to keep them safe.

This Program and this team were forged from necessity

Most of us never could have imagined a time in which the United States would be dealing with issues like mass murders and rampage killings. Maybe in some war-torn country far away, but not here.

Yet here is precisely where we are.

While the biggest and most heart-wrenching incidents make the headlines for days, any average week includes incidents of violence in workplaces, schools, and houses of worship in stories buried pages deep in the news. Yes, shootings are so common now that only the most egregious make the news.

Why is it that every post-incident interview includes the phrase “We never thought that could happen here?” Sandy Hook, Parkland, Aurora, Sutherland Springs… none of these places are “high crime,” yet
the worst still happened to them and rocked their towns. Forever.

We don’t have to settle for it. We don’t have to sit around and wait in fear. That’s probably why you’re here, isn’t it? You know there has to be something we can do to protect ourselves, our businesses and our colleagues.

That’s why we are here. That’s why we created ThreatShield 5. Because you should have the knowledge and training to feel empowered and stay safe.

We come from a wide range of backgrounds. From Navy Seals to Threat Assessment and Management experts to clinical psychologists to business training and development specialists. We believe in a better way to keep people safe.

1. Training doesn’t have to be scary to be effective. In fact, people learn less from military-style training with masked gunman running down the hallways of your business. We focus on using and practicing right and reasonable responses. An empowered, confident person has the best chance to effectively survive a real-world violent encounter.

2. Prevention is possible and that principle should lead our efforts. Active Shooter is a real threat we must address (if you question this fact, look at the stats on the home page). But barricading ourselves under our desks or hiring full-time armed security aren’t our only options. With our backgrounds in Threat Assessment and Management, ThreatShield 5 adds layers of protection between you ever experiencing an Active Shooter situation. Yes, we address the worst-case scenario, but we also arm you with the same strategies that the Secret Service uses for spotting and neutralizing issues before they occur.

3. Understanding the tactical skills is only one half of the equation. Most of our team is highly experienced in working within businesses of all sizes (from Walmart to startups). We understand the business, culture, and effective training techniques. We know what it takes to create engaging training that attendees listen and respond to. We know what they need to absorb to prevent and protect themselves and others from an attack, and we deliver it in a way they can use in a worst-case scenario.

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Vivid Learning

Run, Hide, Fight

Warning Signs & Violence Correlates

How to prevent violence from occurring

How to partner with local law enforcement to create a safety consortium.

Psychological techniques to prepare for and survive an attack.

How to survive a Violent Encounter.

Psycho-physiological effects of survival stress on the body.

How to overcome survival stress and make good decisions in the moment.

SWAT secrets for avoiding the shooter as you move throughout the building.

Understanding and avoiding bullet paths.

How to interact with the police upon arrival.

Easy Emergency Medicine that saves lives.

Recommendations for Simple Trauma Kits

Handling the Aftermath

Business Continuity Basics

Reliable test available for course participants.

Not Sure if you need active shooter training?

2,217 Casualties from active shooters in the U.S.(From 2000-2017)
Places of business are the most likely places for an Active Shooter incident
# 1
20 Incidents in the last 2 years reached "Mass Killing" status
Active Shooter incidents increased 30 fold since 2000
Casualties from Active Shooter incidents have increased 100 fold since 2000
10 Minutes national response time by police