Be Somebody. Be a Protector.

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Who We Are

We enhance and protect our client’s brands by partnering with them to create safe environments for their customers, employees, families, and while they travel because we are the experts in keeping people safe.

How We Win

Attracting customers primarily through education and referral Position in the marketplace as the experts Partnership with clients helping achieve business outcomes Technology applied in innovative ways

What We Do

SafeHaven Security Group provides workplace violence prevention training, behavioral expert threat assessment & management, highly trained uniformed security professionals, and executive & family protection to businesses, individuals, and families.

How We Behave


We behave as a trusted resource to our clients and communities


Our interactions with others are friendly, personable, and firm when protecting our clients


Clients know us to be prompt and reliable no matter the circumstance

Unique Value

We support each other as a team while celebrating the matchless contribution each individual can make