Active Shooter Training

There are ALWAYS warning signs before violence occurs!  Always!  Are you and your team trained to recognize the warning signs?  Would your team make the situation worse by either ignoring the warning signs or over-reacting?  SafeHaven Security Group experts assess your facilities to identify vulnerabilities and work with you to tailor training that fits your company culture.  YOU can be the HERO who schedules workplace violence / active shooter prevention training and protects your people and your brand.


An active shooter enters your workplace. What do you do? Taking time to talk this through with us today could mean everything to your employees’ future. Brainstorming together with on-site walk-throughs help determine the best scenarios for your unique situation.


In-person or on-line training conducted by our experienced professionals equips you and your employees to mitigate and de-escalate potential violence through proven behavioral threat management strategies and tactics. Using the ThreatShield5 philosophy, Our interactive training helps you react safely.


Active Shooter Training by a SafeHaven Security Group professional uses real-life situations that allow your people to act with imbedded instincts in a threatening situation and gives them tactical medical skills to preserve lives until emergency responders are in place.

Your Training Opportunities

ASSESS- situations of potential violence by recognizing warning signs you can identify before violence occurs

MITIGATE- and de-escalate potential violence through proven behavioral threat management strategies and tactics

PROTECT- the people you care about by keeping them safe and ensuring they feel safe.  Protect against liabilities and protect your organization’s brand

Tim Keck teaching an auditorium of listeners


Active Shooter Scenarios most often occur in the workplace.

We offer in-person and video training. Our video trainings may be standard, proven-method trainings OR customized teaching using scenarios filmed at your facility. 

No- We create a detailed plan focused on your company’s needs based on our evaluation and collaboration with local law enforcement and first responders. Our objective is to minimize impact to your daily business while maximizing the impact these new skills bring to your organization.