Executive & Family Protection-Texas


Our expert protection professionals assess the vulnerabilities of you and your family in the public eye and create a customized plan that works for you and your family.


It’s not always about bodyguards and ninjas. Protecting what’s most important to you is accomplished by creating an environment at home, work, and when traveling that allows you to be you and to do the things you want to do without compromise. Confidentiality of your personal information and activities is critical. Assistants, drivers, pilots, and others around you must be part of the protective network managed by a professional. Making decisions that are best for you with the guidance of a protection professional is your best method for reducing your risks.


Yes, based upon risk, there are times that a highly trained and experienced personal protection agent by your side is necessary. You can trust the experts at SafeHaven Security Group as they have decades of experience protecting some of the world’s most at-risk people.

Executive & Family Protection in the Lone Star State

No one wants second best. That’s especially true when it comes to safety.

You want highly-trained, experienced professionals to partner with you to create a solid protection plan. At SafeHaven Security Group we see threatening situations every day and develop proactive measures to address them. Our discretion and confidential approach ensure processes you enact will not expose you or your family. Your freedoms can stay in place. You can have just as professional an approach to safety as you do to your executive role. Talk to the best. Call us today.

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