Active Shooter Training-Kentucky

Behavioral Threat Assessment & Management


An active shooter enters your workplace. What do you do? Taking time to talk this through with us today could mean everything to your employees’ future. Brainstorming together with on-site walk-throughs help determine the best scenarios for your unique situation.


In-person or on-line training conducted by our experienced professionals equips you and your employees to mitigate and de-escalate potential violence through proven behavioral threat management strategies and tactics. Our interactive training helps you react safely.


Active Shooter Training by a SafeHaven Security Group professional uses real-life situations that allow your people to act with imbedded instincts in a threatening situation and gives them tactical medical skills to preserve lives until emergency responders are in place.

Being Safe in the Bluegrass State

Tim Keck teaching an auditorium of listeners

No two situations are alike when it comes to Active Shooter Incidents.

And no two solutions are, either. The only consistency is there are always signs that indicate a person may possibly lash out in destructive ways. How well your staff in Kentucky are trained in detecting those signs and how well they know the appropriate responses can make all the difference in how the story ends. Ask a SafeHaven Security Group professional to assess your facilities, mitigate the risk through customized plans and preparation. Choose to protect your people today.

Active Shooter Training Locations