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How to Assess Body Language Like a Detective

“He killed the guy. I was convinced. That’s where all the evidence pointed.

But as the detective assigned to the case, I knew the cherry on top of this investigation was a truthful confession. The problem? I was in a race against time with, of all people, a surgeon.”

Warning Signs for Workplace Violence

“One of the most of-quoted statements in the aftermath of a mass shooting is some version of “He was a loner.” There is a reason for that.”

Warning Signs of Violence

“He could no longer control the thoughts in his head. Consciousness was a swirling mass of confusion. His anger swelled as unfathomable stress came from every direction.”

Verbal De-Escalation – An HR Survivor Skill for 2023

“Here he comes, and boy, does he look mad!”

“I get intimidated every time I have to talk to her.”

“I don’t know how to get him to calm down.”

Do You Have an Insider Threat?

“The two men walked casually down the darkened hallway of mahogany row. They’d let themselves in a door that was supposed to be locked and no one knew they were there. Pausing at the door to Human Resources, they tested the knob and found that it was unlocked.”

An HR Pro’s Best Friend?

“I was a police officer working the mean streets of Little Rock, Arkansas when I was wounded in a shootout. Later, I became a local liaison with the United States Secret Service during Bill Clinton’s campaign and inauguration.”

Troublesome Terms – Top 10 Practical Steps to Safe Terminations

“Five Killed During Disciplinary Meeting.” 

We have all seen the headlines. Potential violence is an existential problem and HR is on the frontline at work. While we can’t make it all go away, we can offer the top ten practical steps you can take to keep yourself and your people safe when confronted with a dangerous termination.

Former Cops Teach HR Leaders How to Avoid or Survive Violent Incidents

“He walked in the front door and shot my friend Ray three times.”

That was but one of the statements that kept attendees on the edge of their seat during an Active Shooter seminar held in Arkansas earlier this month. The speaker, retired Police Chief Tim Keck, regaled the audience with true stories from his experience and lessons learned from studying violent crime. 

Workplace Safety
Know Your Risks

“We approach with an attitude of partnership to attain business outcomes, not just to check a box on a compliance form.”

Providing a SafeHaven: Doug Elms’ mission is to keep people safe, company’s brands out of the headlines

“We don’t body slam people and hogtie them or chase them down the street,” Doug Elms said. “Instead, we use words to de-escalate situations and gather information.”