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Threat Assessment & Management

Threat Assessment & Management

Threat Assessment & Management



Experts in Threat Assessment and Management, our consultants have assessed risks & threats, and then managed the mitigation and de-escalation of risks & threats for federal, state, and local governments, as well as, for Top Fortune Companies and some of the world's wealthiest and most at-risk families.

Clients trust SafeHaven to provide solutions 

for Workplace Violence Prevention Policies, Training for Management and Employees, Decision Support, and to actively Manage incidents including Concerning Employee Behavior, Difficult Terminations, Bullying, Harassment, Domestic Violence spilling into the workplace, Stalking, and Threatening Communications from both internal and external sources.  

Our Business Interruptions Assessments 

and Business Continuity Planning includes identifying risks that may bring your business to its knees.  Crisis Table Top Exercises with leadership teams identify strengths, weaknesses in planning, and give teams an opportunity to practice managing a crisis under pressure before the real thing happens.

Partnering with you, 

your Human Resources and Security Teams, and other Key Decision Makers, our experts protect you from criminal and civil liabilities, and are recognized as Expert Witnesses.

Uniformed Security Services

Threat Assessment & Management

Threat Assessment & Management





SafeHaven Security Group Uniformed Security Officers and Professionally Dressed Protection Specialists create a new standard of professionalism in Security Services.

Clients trust SafeHaven Security Professionals in every aspect of work and family life, including in professional offices, manufacturing facilities, banks, churches, property owners associations, at special events, during the transportation of valuables, and at home and in their neighborhoods. 

As Security Professionals, 

our Officers receive more than twice the government required training in basic skills and we provide training in advanced skills including criminal and civil law, threat assessment, crime prevention, defensive driving, interpersonal communications, de-escalation methods, non-lethal and lethal force tactics, weapon retention, firearms proficiency, etiquette, and customer relations.  

We recognize that our business is to support your business, so our people interact with your Customers and Employees with the utmost business courtesy and professionalism. 

Your brand and professional image are further supported through a stringent pre-employment vetting, highly trained professionals, and your selection of uniformed officers, business attired officers, casual logo shirt attire, and uniformed or non-uniformed patrol vehicles.

Executive & Family Protection

Threat Assessment & Management

Executive & Family Protection



SafeHaven Protective Agents 

have worked in government and in global corporations protecting United States Presidents, Vice Presidents, CEOs and Executives of Top Fortune Companies, US and Foreign Dignitaries, Entertainers, and Wealthy Individuals and At-Risk Families throughout the world.

Even if security is not a top concern, our experienced, very well travelled, professionals are able to help you accomplish more during your travel through detailed advanced planning of travel logistics including air travel, ground transportation, advanced hotel check-in, advanced meeting and meal planning, so that you can focus on your business and not the details of getting around.  Our professionals easily fit into your business image as a trusted Executive Aide as appropriate.  If traveling with family, our agents can attend to the needs of your family while you attend to business.  

Travel Logistics, Drivers, Safe & Discreet Environments to protect Confidential Business Discussions, Medical Preparedness & Response,  Food Safety, Due Diligence Investigations, Aircraft and Marine Security, Encrypted Communications, Technical Security Counter Measures (Bug Detection), Event Security, Motorcades, Bullet Proof Vehicles, and Close Protection are just a few of the methods we employ in protecting our valued clients.

Why our clients trust us

Douglas Elms, PPS®, PMP®, LSS-GB® Principal

Douglas Elms, PPS®, PMP®, LSS-GB® Principal

Douglas Elms, PPS®, PMP®, LSS-GB® Principal


Doug Elms is an expert in assessing violent behavior, business risks, and at keeping people safe.   

Beginning his career with the Little Rock Police Department as a uniformed Police Officer, Doug worked the streets of what is known as “The Most Dangerous Small City in America”. During his ten years in law enforcement, Doug managed thousands of violent crime investigations and arrests and relied on intense training to survive several deadly encounters. During Bill Clinton’s Presidential Campaign based in Little Rock, Doug gained extraordinary experience in understanding threats to protectees, protective intelligence, and in dignitary protection.  Doug served as an Executive Board Member of the Arkansas State Fraternal Order of Police and is a graduate of the highly regarded Executive Protection Institute.    

With such proven experience, Doug was recruited by Walmart Stores, Inc. into their Loss Prevention Division. In his 24 year career with the world’s largest company, Doug was directly responsible for assessing business and security risks to the global enterprise and managing corporate security measures in stores, the home office, and facilities worldwide. For three years, Doug lived in China, introducing the Asset Protection and Safety profession to Asia as Walmart opened Walmart Stores, Sam’s Clubs, Distribution Centers, and Global Procurement Offices throughout Asia.    

Doug was a founding member of Walmart’s Global Security Division and it’s Executive Protection Team where he was personally responsible for the  protection of three CEOs and members of the Walton Family. Post 9/11, Doug formed and led the Risk Intelligence Sharing Consortium (R.I.S.C.) a forum for security leaders of top Fortune companies and law enforcement to share information about risks and mitigation strategies.   

Doug excelled within Walmart and was promoted to lead operations business segments with over $1 billion in annual sales, and then led teams of Innovations Architects where he was responsible for, or a contributor to, game changing business initiatives such as $4 Generics, Walmart on Campus, Walmart Pay, 3-2-1 Save, and opening Walmart stores, and procurement offices, throughout Asia. Doug has earned designations, and is skilled, in Lean, Six Sigma, and Project Management.   

Retiring from Walmart in early 2017, Doug is founder and Principal Consultant of SafeHaven Security Group, LLC., where he partners with a select group of clients providing workplace violence prevention / threat assessment & management, uniformed security specialists, and executive and family protection. His clients include bank groups, philanthropic foundations, high wealth / high risk families, churches, food manufacturers, and medical professionals.     

Doug is a sought-after security and business consultant, has two adult children and two younger children, and resides and rides motorcycles in beautiful NW Arkansas.     

Tim D. Keck, Chief of Police, Retired

Douglas Elms, PPS®, PMP®, LSS-GB® Principal

Douglas Elms, PPS®, PMP®, LSS-GB® Principal


Tim D. Keck is a  best-selling author, a sought-after speaker, and an expert in behavior and performance under pressure.  He has been quoted in publications from Newsweek to The New York Times and has made several appearances on national television.

Tim is a veteran of two decades of crime-fighting, retiring from law enforcement as Chief of Police. During his police career, Chief Keck worked his way up through the ranks, serving in many capacities including Patrol Officer, K-9 Trainer, Detective Supervisor and SWAT Team Commander. 

Tim has testified before a Congressional committee, provided VIP protection to celebrities and spearheaded a multi-national undercover investigation. Chief Keck’s work has also been recognized by several federal agencies including the Drug Enforcement Agency and Department of Homeland Security. The Department of Justice wrote “The FBI and the American people have been the beneficiaries of your professionalism and dedication to duty…” about his career-long efforts.

In addition to utilizing his experience to assess behavior and keep people safe, Tim has taken what he learned about thriving in a high-stress, high-stakes profession and brought those lessons to the world of work. The results have been phenomenal.Tim’s Bulletproof Teams framework is a formula for success under stress. It is helping organizations develop strong teams composed of passionate people who love their jobs and the people they work with, ensuring a maximum performance culture.He has assisted organizations from L.A. to London and from Calgary to the Caymans. Clients include PepsiCo, Kimberly-Clark, Walmart Stores, Tyson Foods,  Marriott, Arvest Bank Group, Oppenheimer Fund, Apex Tool Group, J.B. Hunt, Pratt & Whitney, Total Oil – Canada and many more.

While Tim now serves as managing partner at Performance Insights, LLC (a boutique management consultancy based in NW Arkansas), he has long been recognized as an innovative and successful leader both inside and outside of the law enforcement profession. 

Tim now lives in the hills of NW Arkansas on the War Eagle River with his sassy bride Laura and a big, black Bouvier named Oden. 

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